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Welcome to the NEW and updated Boozin’ Blog – in appreciation for the beer and liquor that we all enjoy. If you’re have like interests, check back often for industry news, reviews, and stories surrounding the world of drinking. Take a look at a variety of booze related information geared for the everyday enthusiast. Read, enjoy, and feel free to jump in with your two cents whenever you get the urge. Cheers!

  • Midwest 5K Showdown Prediction | Pro Beer Pong is sponsoring another professional pong tournament; the MIDWEST 5K SHOWDOWN. Senior analyst Conman brings us his 3v3 predictions after selecting the seeding (randomly) for preliminary match ups. This is what he envisioned happening:


    After a day of tight preliminary rounds and good ponging, team “Ya Know” locked up the overall number one seed with a perfect preliminary record of 5-0 plus 24. The most competitive game was against team “Flawless Victory”, who wrapped up the second overall seed. Beating the early favorites by 4 with great team shooting led by Brittney Harness from Bay City, Michigan, Sweet Lou (all the way) from New Jersey, and team captain Nick Trupiano from Detroit, Michigan. These two teams may be destined to meet again.

    3rd - Tim Tina and A Boy Named Sue

    4th - Pawng Patrol

    5th - Ain’t No Laws While Drinking Claws


    Double Elimination Playoff Pods

    After cruising to a number one seed team “Ya Know” takes a loss in the winners finals to “Pawng Patrol” after Nick getting cocky taking a blind 2-rack shot to try and impress the ladies. Timing is everything and team “Ya Know” learned that lesson the hard by making mistakes this late in the tournament. They quickly regrouped and came back to beat “Laws and Claws” in a grueling six overtime game to get to the finals. In the finals of their pod, Trupiano and Lou assert their dominance on the table and shoot a combined one hundred (perfect game) in game 1. With the tournament on the line they needed to find a way to continue their precision. Brittney closed out the game by making some huge clutch shots to put an end to a very confident “Pawng Patrol” in game 2 to win bracket A.

    Meanwhile in bracket B “Flawless Victory” stumbles often down the stretch and proves everything but flawless, but maintains being undefeated all the way to the finals. The loser final bracket was a match-up of teams “Tim, Tina, and A Boy Named Sue” taking on “Going To Paris”. This was definitely one of the most entertaining match-ups of the day. Multiple overtimes and all around great shooting for both teams fueled the excitement of the day. Former WS champion, Nick Syrigos and his team shined and took down the opposing team confirming why he is a champion. “Going to Paris” took on “Flawless Victory” in their pod finals. Carrying forward their momentum, “Going To Paris” won game 1 against Donnie Jones and crew. Michigan native Tyler Spencer seeming to be off and struggling to hit shots, Abby Cadabby really stepped it up while Donnie began to struggled down the stretch. After some misses from Trupiano, and a huge swat attempt by Josh Schwent that knocked out 5 cups from the rack, “Flawless Victory” won game two and will now get a chance to meet “Ya Know” in the finals for a much anticipated rematch.


    Battle for third place | Best of 1 Game

    Pawng Patrol vs Going to Paris

    Adam Gallup, Faxon Townsend and Sara Schauman couldn’t find a groove after their poor performance in the bracket finals; blowing a 6 cup lead to “Going to Paris” who was also struggling after their earlier swat debacle. They just couldn't get their heads straight. “Going to Paris” finished strong under the encouragement of their captain and finishing up in third place.


    Finals - best 2/3

    Team “Ya Know” started hot out of the gate, shooting 15/18 and steals game 1 by 4 cups. Lou PG’s (doesn’t miss) and Brittney capitalizes on her nearly all 4th ball attempts.

    “Flawless Victory” rebounded and Donnie reemerged, being the best player in the state since Dane Ellis. He locked in and didn’t miss. He shot an 8 cup perfect game in regulation and didn’t miss in overtime. Game 2 went to 1 OT and “Flawless Victory” ran all 4 cups in the first turn. Very clutch shooting by Abby and Tyler as they took game two.

    Game three was a match to remember. Both teams could NOT miss (figuratively). Trash talk from each side of the table was flying in all directions. Lou continued to get into Donnie’s head, but it did not shake him. “Flawless Victory” was just that… FLAWLESS. Trupiano and Brittney made a two cup rebuttal to save their tournament lives but they just couldn’t keep up with Abby and her dominant performance in each overtime round. “Flawless Victory” wins the Midwest 5k Showdown and becomes the 2019 3v3 champions!!!!

    Final standings:

    1st place FLAWLESS VICTORY

    2nd place YA KNOW

    3rd place GOING TO PARIS

    4th place PAWNG PATROL


    We can't wait to see who ACTUALLY takes down the championship this weekend and gets their hands on these over sized trophies. Good luck to all those who are competing!

  • The Future Of Beer Cans

    Beer packaging especially beer cans are undergoing an innovation renaissance right now and slim cans are leading the way to a new look and feel for our favorite beverages. Breweries and beverage companies have been listening to their customers and are releasing more uniquely packaged drinks.  These new cans are “slim” and elegant and align with the healthy lifestyle trend that is on the rise.  Lighter beers now look lighter because of the way they are being packaged in tall “slim” can and they stand out on a shelf at the store making you even more likely to grab can of fun.  Companies shifting to these new designs say they are more cost effective to make, save space in the cooler, and they look sleek.

    Regardless of these and other explanations for this transition, we found out this change in cans also means people are ending up with warm beer because they don’t have a coozie that fits! NOOOOO!!! We at BoozinGear do not support warm beer.  To make sure that you can keep the party going no matter what can shape and size you have we now care your go to place to find SLIM can coozies.  Nearly impossible to find, the custom sized SLIM can coozies are available at!

  • The Perfect Father's Day Gift

    Father's Day is this weekend and everyone is scrambling looking for a unique gift that the special father doesn't already own. I have found the perfect gift, similar to the lately popular steel insulated coolers, the BruMate Hopsulators are the latest evolution to the beer koozie. These can coolers keep your drink TWENTY times colder than the high quality neoprene cooler which could be beneficial for those big beers that tend to get warm if you aren't on a mission...

    This sought after Father's Day gift this year is the Hopsulator Juggernaut! Available in a couple color options, these high end can coolers will hold the "fathers" tall boy and keep it ice cold to the last drop. These are an amazing koozie with great use and purpose, unlike those tiny beer koozies made of scuba foam. BruMate has these custom sized for the 24 or 25 oz cans; you will ensure your special Father has cold beer for years to come. (he probably deserves it)

  • Camping Done Right

    The unofficial start to summer is here!  Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the season of barbecues, beaches, beers and….camping!  For some people camping is about getting back to nature and for others it’s about having a beverage fireside and connecting with friends and family.

    No matter where you camp or what you love about camping we want to help you enjoy your experience!  If you are anything like our team you are probably a camper that likes to have a drink and make your site a home away from home. has plenty of supplies to meet all of your needs, show your personality, start a party, and keep the late night fires burning.

    RV camping or tent camping we have you covered.  Here are our top 5 customer picks for summer camping fun!


    1. Light Your Site!

    Every camper needs light at night and sometimes a fire doesn’t cut it but some campers like to show some personality and decorate their little grassy space. At some campground RV neighbors like to get competitive with decorations or theme parties and if that is you these lights are exactly what you need!


    1. Fireside Fun!

    Put the technology down and pick up a game!  When we camp we try to disconnect and that means playing games.  Setting up a cornhole tournament with our fellow campers is a favorite way to kick off a weekend of fun and drinking!


    1. Keep It Cool!

    Whether you are roughing it or pulling a hotel on wheels you probably still want a cold drink in hand!  We have a huge selection of Koozies to keep your drink frosty and your hand warm.  Here are some of our customer favorites.


    1. Take A Wet Adventure.

    Jump in a lake, go for a kayak adventure, clean up in a river or go fishing… are all wet!  What now? Dry off, you crazy camper! Towels are a must if you are in the wilderness. We asked and you told us that our big towels are the best!


    1. First You Roast the Mallow….

    Its pretty tough to start a fire without a lighter…No one likes boring so have a little fun with one of our Zippo Lighters.  If you light it they will come.  I think that is what they say?!?!

  • 5 Spring Break Essentials

    Spring is here and with it comes the excitement and debauchery of, SPRING BREAK. Whether you're traveling internationally, to sunny Florida or just to your nearby bar to blow off some steam, you will want to stock up on party supplies. We have curated a list of essentials to ensure your party isn't lame and the beverages and fun keep flowing.

    1. Beer Bong/Funnel is a sure way to kick off spring break with your party people. This party essential will attract a crowd of old and new friends every time you bring it out. Spark a conversation with a beach babe after pounding down an ice cold one. You could steer away from basic and get a Bongzilla or even a Flamingo bong!
    2. Ladies; a sexy bikini is a must to stand out in the big crowds. What can look better than your favorite beer, Corona Extra on your matching top and bottom while dipping your toes with the still chilly water.
    3. Keeping your beers cold will not only keep you "cool" to your new found friends, but a way to quench your thirst from being out in the sun all day. Be sure to have your drink koozies with you to avoid sipping on some skunky warm beers. These drink insulators are made in a variety of sizes and styles so you're covered whatever drink you choose to have during your spring break.
    4. When you're not sunbathing or trying to catch all the sun rays, you will want a little cover. Keep the breeze on your body and still show off your curves in a tank top, yes both ladies and gentlemen. Tank tops are the best!   
    5. Lastly, your beach blanket or towel will need to be fashionable. Show off your favorite beer poolside or on the beach. You won't need to be asked what you want to drink for your next round.


  • Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With Mans Best Friend

    I'll be spending St. Patrick's Day 2019 at home with my dog a Blue Pitbull named, Lambo. Drinking a car bomb alone doesn't have the same appeal as with five of your best friends at the bar. Lambo ruined St. Patrick’s Day for me this year when he got sick. I didn't believe it was possible for dogs, but he caught a simple cold and needs a little extra love. With temperatures still below freezing this March, I decided to stay in and keep warm with Lambo. I was able to make the most of the Irish geared celebration. Here is how the day has been spent...

    After my Bailey's and coffee for breakfast, I decided to begin sipping on a bottle of my favorite, Jameson Irish Whiskey. Lambo gave me a pouty look, and I realized that despite us doggy cold he wanted to celebrate! I gave my four legged friend the entire selection of  DRINKING DOG TOYS and let him narrow his choice down to three. Of course, he wanted to get in the spirit and grabbed a matching toy; a bottle of BLAMESON. How ironic! He may be to blame that I am not out at a pub or kissing the Blarney Stone but we are both having a great time. I hope you are too.

  • Pro Beer Pong Tournament Battle Michigan Returns

    Michigan's largest beer pong tournament of the year begins this week in Bay City, Michigan and we wouldn't miss the opportunity to be the primary sponsor every year! Battle Michigan 8 showcases a main event, the 6 vs 6 Draft tournament. This event is designed to be a great time for everyone and is open to all skill levels. Some players come with a competitive spirit but every player enjoys the comradery. Below are last years #BM7 captains as well as the champs.

    We sat down with ConMan, our senior analyst here at BoozinGear as he gave his #BM8 predictions. Let's see which teams he places in the top 4 of this continuously growing event:

    4th Place: Bagstiv Badasses - Expected to make it through their pod final but fall short in the last few matches, leaving them just short of the cash payout. Still winners coming out in the end with a nice buzz.

    3rd Place: Can't Control The Weather - Finishing in the money, they will get a second wind during their final match-up and rain down spot on shots for third. The Badasses (or whoever) better bring their raincoats.

    2nd Place: To Infinity and Bpong - Going undefeated through prelims and blasting off in playoffs, the team falls just short of the crown as nerves kick in on an extremely close 3rd set of match-ups. Buzz and Woody won't come through this time. It alright guys you still got a friend in me.

    CHAMPIONS: Game of Throws - Team unity is not a problem for these warriors. Expecting a poor prelim seed they will prevail after a little liquid encouragement. Sarah, Anthony, Carlos, Gofuck, Jamie and Matt will play as smooth as a shot of ice cold Fireball when winter is coming. That liquid fire will translate to taking down cups like the Mother of Dragons defeats her enemy.

  • How does a Whiskey Girl style her tank top?

    There is a special kind of woman that exists around the world; she is strong, proud, sexy, fun, and has great taste. These women share a common interest and that is WHISKEY. The Whiskey Girl, has an affinity for this sophisticated yet playful drink and incorporate their favorite drink into their personal style. The most well known brand that the Whiskey Girl loves to rock is Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. You can spot the Whiskey Girl at country music festivals, the beach or on the other side of the bar pouring your favorite drink just keep your eyes out for the woman in the American classic Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.

    Scrunched up and tied in the back for a cropped look... pulled down to flatten the iconic logo for long lean athletic look... or layered with a plaid top and styled with a cowboy hat, a Whiskey Girl knows how to proudly wear their favorite brand. This tank top can be styled up for a night out or paired with jeans for hanging out at a summer bonfire it is versatile just like the women that wear it. When you spot a Whiskey Girl wearing this tank top you wont have to guess what she is drinking.  Cheers to matching personal style with drink favorites!

    You can find your own JD Tank Top or search through a large variety of Jack Daniel's merchandise.

  • Evidence of a new animal out in the wilderness.

    While traveling in what is left of the Redwood Forests in Iceland, I stumbled across an animal in its sleep. In attempts to keep quiet and calm , I fell backwards loud enough to startle the bear-like animal. As it awoke, immediately fear took control as I saw giant antlers. I sprinted through the wilderness as this enormous beast stood tall, staring in my direction.

    Realizing that no one would believe such a story, I was able to take a quick photograph of the creature to show the world. BEERS do exist. Upon arriving home from this vacation, I was able to do some further research on what I had assumed to be a mythical hybrid creature. Part bear, part deer. Folklore no more, the "Beer" has become my new favorite animal.


    Check out BoozinGear's line of BEER merchandise. A variety of retro style hats and koozies to keep the memory alive for me.

  • What Are You Drinking? Here Are Some 2018 Drinking Trends Among Millennials

    Millennials have been pivotal in swaying market trends and growth, but how did their taste buds fare in 2018? Now that it's the new year, we may see a significant change on the horizon. Here are some of the most popular drinking trends witnessed among Millennials in 2018.

    Beer before liquor...

    Never sicker, right? It seems Millennials have actually caught on to this time-old phrase. In fact, many have opted against beer altogether. And this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

    Nearly 60% of Millennials have chosen spirits over beer in the last year thanks to the low-calorie content. This might seem surprising, but beer consumption has actually been on the decline for the last decade. Over the course of the last 10 years or so, bee consumption has fallen in every age group by nearly 10%. Don't put down your beer belt holsters, just yet; even though beer consumption has fallen, countless people still enjoy cracking a cold one at the end of the day, especially among baby boomers.

    Varied tastes

    Compared to baby boomers who typically drink only two types of alcohol or less, nearly 65% of Millennials drink more than three different types of alcohol. This ranges across the five primary types of alcohol, including spirits, beer, wine, cider, and ready-to-drink packages beverages.

    On top of that, Millennials are also likely to try different beers with nearly half of Millennials claiming to like sampling something new. You might see your friend sporting PBR gear one day and a Corona tank top the next.

    Going out is...out

    The number of Millennials who prefer to drink in the comfort of their own home is on the rise. While only half of Millennials claimed they liked to drink in their home or a friend's home in 2017, this number has risen to 56% in 2018. This means that we'll see fewer Millennials at the bar down the street and more at their home bar including bar stools and officially licensed Budweiser merchandise to boot.

    Though trends come and go, one thing is certain: America's love for beer and alcohol isn't going anywhere anytime soon. When you want the best beer-related gifts and merchandise, rely on Boozin' Gear. Make your next party a night to remember with beer belt holsters and beer bongs for sale today.

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