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  • Official Anhueser Busch Costumes NOW AVAILABLE

    After 15 years of requesting officially licensed Budweiser and Bud Light Halloween costumes, Anhuser Busch has finally authorized to offer a small number of styles for both men and women! Branded beer bottles and beer cans are a perfect match to the generic beer kegs, mugs that have always been available at!

    If you have thought about making this costume yourself in the past, you will NOT regret this purchase. What could be better than dressing like a 6 pack of beers with your friends, head-butting each other. Repeatedly yelling "Dilly Dilly" for your next viral video or TikTok.

    Additional styles are coming into stock as well this 2020 holiday season. Expect to see these options from the A/B family in the fall. The have already graced us early with some cans of Natty Light. These costumes are offered in a ladies dress or full body tunic. These costumes are pure fun and will show all your favorite beer brand!

  • Quarantined In A Bar

    With the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the US, most areas like ours have been given a stay-home order by their government officials. We were provided 30 minutes to locate our quarantine location to hunker down in for 30 days. We were smart enough AND fortunate enough to locate 4 bars within a 30 minute drive. The problem we ran into, was each bar was sold out of all alcohol options except three. Limited choices and limited time. Which bar would you spend your social distancing days in? Tell us on our facebook page!

  • What Are You Drinking? Here Are Some 2018 Drinking Trends Among Millennials

    Millennials have been pivotal in swaying market trends and growth, but how did their taste buds fare in 2018? Now that it's the new year, we may see a significant change on the horizon. Here are some of the most popular drinking trends witnessed among Millennials in 2018.

    Beer before liquor...

    Never sicker, right? It seems Millennials have actually caught on to this time-old phrase. In fact, many have opted against beer altogether. And this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

    Nearly 60% of Millennials have chosen spirits over beer in the last year thanks to the low-calorie content. This might seem surprising, but beer consumption has actually been on the decline for the last decade. Over the course of the last 10 years or so, bee consumption has fallen in every age group by nearly 10%. Don't put down your beer belt holsters, just yet; even though beer consumption has fallen, countless people still enjoy cracking a cold one at the end of the day, especially among baby boomers.

    Varied tastes

    Compared to baby boomers who typically drink only two types of alcohol or less, nearly 65% of Millennials drink more than three different types of alcohol. This ranges across the five primary types of alcohol, including spirits, beer, wine, cider, and ready-to-drink packages beverages.

    On top of that, Millennials are also likely to try different beers with nearly half of Millennials claiming to like sampling something new. You might see your friend sporting PBR gear one day and a Corona tank top the next.

    Going out is...out

    The number of Millennials who prefer to drink in the comfort of their own home is on the rise. While only half of Millennials claimed they liked to drink in their home or a friend's home in 2017, this number has risen to 56% in 2018. This means that we'll see fewer Millennials at the bar down the street and more at their home bar including bar stools and officially licensed Budweiser merchandise to boot.

    Though trends come and go, one thing is certain: America's love for beer and alcohol isn't going anywhere anytime soon. When you want the best beer-related gifts and merchandise, rely on Boozin' Gear. Make your next party a night to remember with beer belt holsters and beer bongs for sale today.

  • Benefits Of Beer: 5 Ways Beer Can Improve Your Health

    corona products

    When it comes to drinking, few people would put beer at the top of their list of healthy drinks. But moderate consumption of America's favorite beverage can actually benefit your health in a number of different ways.

    Here's how drinking the occasional beer can help your health.

    It's good for your heart

    Compared to other alcoholic drinks, beer is full of healthy antioxidants thanks to their abundance of hops and barley. These phenols help the heart and lower the risk for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke by lowering your rates of cholesterol. However, too much beer drinking creates the opposite effect. Always drink in moderation around your home bar and pub tables.

    It's good for your bones

    Most beer is high in silicon content. This dietary silicon can help lead to stronger bones as your body absorbs this beneficial orthosilicic acid (OSA). OSA helps grow and develop bones while improving the development of connective tissues, leading to higher bone densities. As such, this can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in your later years.

    It's good for your brain

    Drinking beer is good for your brain in more ways than one. The same silicon content that's good for your bones can also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and dementia in your later years. It can also reduce your risk for stroke by preventing harmful blood clots and improving blood flow. Think of your arteries like a beer bong -- moderate consumption can increase flexibility. And thanks to the flavonoid, xanthohumol, present in hops, you can even experience increased cognitive function.

    It can help ease stress

    There's nothing better than sitting down at the end of a long day and enjoying a nice beer or two. This act can reduce stress and anxiety as you unwind after a hard day. However, it's important to keep in mind that alcohol is a depressant. Turning to beer or wine too often can lead to bad habits and worsened mood. When you enjoy your Corona products, do so in moderation.

    It's surprisingly nutritious

    Along with its high levels of antioxidants, beer is also rich in other nutrients as well. Beer has more protein and vitamin B than your average glass of wine. It even has iron, calcium, and fiber to aid your digestion. When you wear your Corona products, you can rest easy knowing you're promoting your health to the world.

    Of course, these wonderful health benefits are lost when binge drinking comes into play. Binge drinking is a harmful habit that can lead to many adverse effects, including hospitalization or worse. In men, binge drinking occurs when more than five drinks are consumed in a two-hour period. Women partake in binge drinking when they consume more than four drinks in the same time-frame. As such, it's important to drink in moderation and enjoy beer in a healthy way.

    When you want to represent your favorite officially licensed Corona merchandise, rely on the retailer you can trust; at Boozin' Gear, we have the best Corona products, Budweiser accessories, and beer related gifts around. Order with us today!

  • Get Her These 5 Boozy Gifts When You're Stuck For Ideas

    blue ribbonThe holidays are officially upon us and it's time to pick the perfect gift for your girlfriend. If you're like the rest of us and started planning late, however, you may feel more than a little panicked. After all, you want something fun and practical. How will you find anything like that?

    Are you stuck trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for your girlfriend? Don't worry; these boozy and beer related gifts will warm any woman's heart this holiday season.

    The perfect ugly sweater

    Ugly sweaters are a holiday staple at this time of year. Whether she has an office party to go to or just wants to romp around the house, a blue ribbon inspired ugly sweater will keep her cozy and festive this holiday season.

    The best drinking accessories

    Everyone loves the thought of buying drinking accessories, but few people actually act on that impulse. After all, there are bills to pay and liquor to buy. Drinking it out of a simple glass gets the job done, after all.

    This is why getting drinking accessories is the perfect gift this holiday season. Get your wine-loving girlfriend a guzzle buddy wine glass topper (just don't tell her the standard serving of wine is five ounces). Or you can get the whole gang together to play Designated Driver with your flamingo beer bong. For the whiskey drinker, silicone ice balls can change the game when she drinks out of her rocks glasses. Your girlfriend will love these boozy accessories this holiday season.

    Outfit her house

    No home is complete without the perfect home bar including bar stools. Get the best koozies to dress up your beer, great pub tables, and an array of classy rocks glasses to turn her home bar into her favorite room of the house.

    Outfit...her outfit

    Luckily, there's no shortage of officially licensed PBR shirts, baseball caps, and PBR gear. Whether you want a boozy swimsuit for the warmer weather to come or vintage beer shirts for an extra classy night in, getting Blue Ribbon gifts for women is always a safe bet for the holidays.

    Keep it cozy

    Everyone loves blankets, especially during these cold winter months. That's why fleece blankets make the perfect gifts for women during the holidays. Keep her warm and cozy with the best beer related fleece blankets available on Boozin' Gear's Holiday Gift Guide.

    The best presents for women are both practical and fun. When you want to impress her this holiday season, get officially licensed Blue Ribbon merchandise at You won't regret it.

  • 5 Facts About Jack Daniel's Every Fan Should Know

    Jack Daniels shirt womens

    Before you look for "Jack Daniels shirt womens" as the perfect holiday present, there are some major facts not every fan knows about the beloved distillery giant. So pour a glass on the rocks, nestle into your favorite Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt, and listen up: here are five facts you didn't know about your favorite distillery.


    1. It's from Tennessee

    Okay, most fans probably know Jack is from Tennessee. However, it's likely you didn't know that this is important to the distilling process.

    Tennessee whiskeys are only produced in the state of Tennessee and are filtered with the Lincoln County Process before the whiskey is barrelled to age. It was a legal status defined in the 1940s and few distilleries have the luxury of claiming this name as their own. Jack Daniel's is filtered through layers of sugar-maple charcoal for four days to give it the rugged flavor whiskey lovers adore.


    2. It's distilled in a dry county

    Dry counties are areas across the U.S. that prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. This is ironic since Jack Daniel's is one of the leading exports from the state and one of the best selling American spirits across the country. You're able to bypass this rule in the county only when you buy barrels or commemorative bottles that just happen to have the drink inside.


    3. "Old No. 7" is just a label...

    ...And no one really knows why the label displays this prominent flagship. While everyone knows this type of Jack, the other flavors are usually self-explanatory. For example, the Tennessee honey Jack displays a bee and short summary. But the presence of Old No. 7 on the label is a mystery. Some say it's a reference to the train that once delivered the whiskey barrels. Others speculate it refers to Jack's seven lovers.


    4. It's married to music

    Frank Sinatra was a huge fan of Jack Daniel's, so much so, that the singer was buried with a bottle when he died. Even Dean Martin mentioned Sinatra's love for the drink in a song of his. This love for Jack was so well-known that the distillery even released a special-edition, limited-time bottle to commemorate Sinatra.

    But Sinatra wasn't the only one. Lemmy Kilmister, the singer for Motörhead, reportedly drank a bottle of Jack every day for the past 30 years until he passed away in 2016. His love for the drink was so strong, the popular drink Jack and coke is also known as a Lemmy at the bar he used to frequent.

    Unfortunately, it's unlikely your "Jack Daniels shirt womens" will front that logo. It'll more likely show off the Old No. 7 print on shirts and baseball caps.


    5. Master distillers are rare

    Coincidentally, there have only been seven official master distillers in Jack Daniel's 150-year history. But don't get too excited -- the Old No. 7 label was coined before the number of distillers reached seven. The most recent master distiller is Jeff Arnett.

    American love for fine whiskey runs deep and there's no better gift that officially licensed Jack Daniels merchandise. Did you know 44% of women believe New Year's Eve is the booziest holiday? When you want the best gifts for outdoor drinking accessories, officially branded beer koozies, and the best "Jack Daniels shirt womens" on the market this holiday season, visit Boozin' Gear online today!

  • The Perfect Beer-Inspired Gifts For Every Generation Of Your Family

    It's time to start spending for the holidays -- do you have the perfect gifts for everyone on your list? If you're stuck for holiday shopping ideas for each member of your family, why not opt for booze-inspired gifts that appeal to every adult?

    For a family that loves beer, you can't go without these beer related gifts this holiday season.


    For the new adult

    Many 21-year-olds love alcohol-inspired decor, games, and paraphernalia. Buying gifts for the newly fledged adult in the family will be the most fun you've had all year. With a new adult, you have the opportunity to go all out with fun beer gifts and cliche traditions, just like you experienced when you were 21. Don't be afraid to get a fun flamingo beer bong, outdoor drinking accessories, and Budweiser vintage holiday string lights. With these great beer accessories, the new adult in the family will have the coolest parties on the block.


    For your parents

    Parents have usually ditched the classic beer bong, but that doesn't mean they have lost their taste for beer.

    In fact, the holidays are a perfect time to help your parents improve their home bar with the best booze-inspired accessories. While dad might love classic Budweiser accessories, there are still plenty of gifts for women. Think about purchasing a Bud Light Strawberita swoosh logo mirror or gift her cozy fleece blankets to stay warm all winter long.


    For your grandparents

    It might seem strange to get your grandparents alcohol-inspired gifts, but it's estimated that 65% of people over the age of 55 often drink liquor, wine, and beer. With the perfect vintage beer shirts or Coors retro hats, you'll get them an accessory they love with a brand they loved as a young adult.

    Whether your family has been naughty or nice, buying the perfect holiday present is a necessity at this time of year. If you want to give your family a gift they love, consult Boozin' Gear's holiday beer gift guide for the best baseball caps, Corona merchandise, home bar essentials, and more. Our holiday beer gift guide will be your one-stop shop this holiday season.

  • Tips And Tricks For Hosting Your First Thanksgiving

    corona merchandise

    Hosting Thanksgiving for the first time can seem like an impossibly difficult task. It's one of your first big steps into the official world of "adulthood" and you need to make a great first impression.

    If you want to prove to your friends and family that you're officially an adult (whatever that means), here are some essential tips and tricks for making your first Thanksgiving a breeze.

    Plan a simple spread

    While you might want to copy your mom's infamous sweet potato pie, try keeping the menu simple. People typically care about the Thanksgiving essentials: turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Relying on the basics will taste delicious without turning your kitchen into a battlefield.

    If you're stressed about getting everything done on time, try to opt for foods that can be cooked and cooled ahead of time. Bake a pie the day before or re-roast your veggies to warm them up. You can also ask family members and friends to bring one dish each to take some of the load off.

    Have a beautiful selection of beers and wines

    Did you know that between 71 and 73% of Millennials regularly drink alcoholic beverages? As an adult, you have the opportunity to supply an array of beers, wines, and light cocktails for the occasion. One of the best parts about the holidays are all the festive beverages available; pumpkin beers, mulled wines, and fall-themed cocktails will impress your guests and serve as a conversation starter.

    Let's be honest, Thanksgiving isn't complete without a football game blaring on the television and a good beer in hand. Don't be afraid to dress up your beer with branded beer koozies at your home bar. Luckily, our Budweiser cooler can also double as a storage site for your leftovers.

    Get great games

    If you're worried conversation won't be enough to placate your guests until dinner, don't hesitate to implement a number of games to entertain the masses.

    Luckily, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor drinking accessories and games. Whether you're into board games, flip cup, beer pong, or darts, there are plenty of ways to get your family and friends moving on Thanksgiving.

    At Boozin' Gear, we offer only the best officially licensed Corona merchandise, retro beer shirts, and alcohol-inspired accessories. When you want to host a fun, successful Thanksgiving, don't forget the best PBR gear, Corona merchandise, and branded beer koozies.

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