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5 Facts About Jack Daniel's Every Fan Should Know

Jack Daniels shirt womens

Before you look for "Jack Daniels shirt womens" as the perfect holiday present, there are some major facts not every fan knows about the beloved distillery giant. So pour a glass on the rocks, nestle into your favorite Jack Daniels long sleeve shirt, and listen up: here are five facts you didn't know about your favorite distillery.


1. It's from Tennessee

Okay, most fans probably know Jack is from Tennessee. However, it's likely you didn't know that this is important to the distilling process.

Tennessee whiskeys are only produced in the state of Tennessee and are filtered with the Lincoln County Process before the whiskey is barrelled to age. It was a legal status defined in the 1940s and few distilleries have the luxury of claiming this name as their own. Jack Daniel's is filtered through layers of sugar-maple charcoal for four days to give it the rugged flavor whiskey lovers adore.


2. It's distilled in a dry county

Dry counties are areas across the U.S. that prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. This is ironic since Jack Daniel's is one of the leading exports from the state and one of the best selling American spirits across the country. You're able to bypass this rule in the county only when you buy barrels or commemorative bottles that just happen to have the drink inside.


3. "Old No. 7" is just a label...

...And no one really knows why the label displays this prominent flagship. While everyone knows this type of Jack, the other flavors are usually self-explanatory. For example, the Tennessee honey Jack displays a bee and short summary. But the presence of Old No. 7 on the label is a mystery. Some say it's a reference to the train that once delivered the whiskey barrels. Others speculate it refers to Jack's seven lovers.


4. It's married to music

Frank Sinatra was a huge fan of Jack Daniel's, so much so, that the singer was buried with a bottle when he died. Even Dean Martin mentioned Sinatra's love for the drink in a song of his. This love for Jack was so well-known that the distillery even released a special-edition, limited-time bottle to commemorate Sinatra.

But Sinatra wasn't the only one. Lemmy Kilmister, the singer for Motörhead, reportedly drank a bottle of Jack every day for the past 30 years until he passed away in 2016. His love for the drink was so strong, the popular drink Jack and coke is also known as a Lemmy at the bar he used to frequent.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely your "Jack Daniels shirt womens" will front that logo. It'll more likely show off the Old No. 7 print on shirts and baseball caps.


5. Master distillers are rare

Coincidentally, there have only been seven official master distillers in Jack Daniel's 150-year history. But don't get too excited -- the Old No. 7 label was coined before the number of distillers reached seven. The most recent master distiller is Jeff Arnett.

American love for fine whiskey runs deep and there's no better gift that officially licensed Jack Daniels merchandise. Did you know 44% of women believe New Year's Eve is the booziest holiday? When you want the best gifts for outdoor drinking accessories, officially branded beer koozies, and the best "Jack Daniels shirt womens" on the market this holiday season, visit Boozin' Gear online today!

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